Green Gals Green Beyond Ingredients!

Welcome to Green Gals! 


We are a local Fraser Valley-based home business that provides an environmentally friendly alternative to high-priced laundry detergent, baby wipes,Dryer Balls, and more!

Proudly serving Hope-Vancouver and always growing!


Help keep our planet green! Yanika Tytherleigh started out by hand-making household products including laundry soap and baby wipes for her family. I was so amazed at the quality and savings that I wondered why more people weren't doing it (both to help their wallets and the environment). With the help of my family and friends, our products grew and evolved into the unique "Green Beyond Ingredients" they are today. We will take away any reason you have NOT to make the greener choice! 


How Green are we?

You may wonder what makes our products environmentally friendlier than store-bought products.  So here is a list to answer that question:

  • All of our products are made with simple and environmentally friendly ingredients that are free of dyes, phosphates and fillers.  Often these chemicals are present to ensure scent, consistency and shelf-life and don't necessarily help with the effectiveness of the product.
  • Minimal packaging means less wasteful use of plastic and less emissions made to recycle those plastic containers.  By reusing containers, we also keep cost low.
  • Packaging is REusable REturnable and made from REcycled materials!
  • Some packaging made from 100% recycled materials and can be re-used over and over again.
  • We are local which means there is less gas needed and less emissions made by trucks to transport the product from the warehouse to the store where you buy it.
  • We make our products in our homes.  That means there is no need for warehouses, that emit excessive toxins into the air.
  • Our laundry detergent is great for cold water washing, HE machines and cloth diapers!
  • We use grey water in our homes to minimize water consumption during our production.
  • Our business cards and pamphlets are printed on 100% recycled paper

You can feel confident that your 'Green Gal' choice is one that the environment will thank you for.



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