Green Gals has some of the most amazing customers around !


"I just wanted to say you gals are awesome! Love the detergent and service! husband loved the product so much he used it in our carpet cleaner and shampooed our whole house and car! (seriously our carpets are so fresh and soft and our car finally has lost its funky smell!)"  --Jessica


"I have an important question for you Rachel and Yanika - where did my OLD stains go? Seriously, the change pads I use to change the boys on had some BAD poopy stains that have been there for months and they are GONE - no spray 'n wash, nothing, just one cycle through with your soap and they've disappeared! The hubby wants to know how much bleach is in your soap?? LOL"   --Amy
"The grease stains on the boob area of my light blue tank top disappeared in the wash, and they had been there for a month or more. Hmmm. Magic!"   --Tia
"I don't ever remember being this exited to do laundry but I was and I'm not dissapointed, the all natural unscented detergent worked great, everything was nice and clean!"   --Pam
"I picked up my all natural laundry soap last week and was so excited to do laundry and try it out. I was amazed at how it elimated stains and my clothes came out softer then ever without any fabric softner. I am totally hooked on the product and I am recommending it to all my friends and family! Thanks Rachel and Yanika!"   --Ashley
"I purchased eucalyptus scented laundry detergent & baby wipes, and I love them both!! They both work great, and defintely recommend them!"    --Sabrina


"I am LOVING the laundry soap, I love the texture of my clothes once they are clean, I love how the scent isn't over powering once the clothes are dry and I especially love that my clothes don't feel like they have left over residue on them.   I especially love the fact that I don't have to use dryer sheets anymore, I try to keep away from using all that stuff as I have sensitive skin and am not comfortable using all that chemical crap on my daughters clothes.   I have used the goats milk for my daughters clothes and will keep using that for her clothes." --Kasmira

Just wanted to thank you for the cloth diaper advice. The soap nuts work great! - Amanda


My baby has sensitive skin and his bum is often irritated, red, and rashy. The other day it dawned on me that it hasn't looked like that for almost a week. Then it occurred to me it has looked good since I started washing his diapers with Green Gals Detergent! Thanks! I'll be buying more!!- Jessica


Just wanna say, thanks for the dryer balls! My cloth baby wipes USED to stick like crazy to my microfibre diaper inserts...NOT ANYMORE!!!! :) - Rebecca


I bought some of your dryer ball from the Storehouse downtown and they work great...thanks Green Gals



BEYOND in love with the soap I got from Green Gals - THANKS yanika & sam!!!!!!! Its amazing!!!!- Chelsea






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