Cloth Diapers?

Absolutely!  Our laundry soap is perfect for cloth diapers because it is free of dyes, enzymes, whiteners and brighteners. It is safe for all diapers and it leaves them soft (without fabric softner), clean (without bleach) and fresh. 


Fabric Softners?

Because our handmade laundry soap does not have loads of excess chemicals like most national brands, the clothes come out clean, fresh and soft without the need for fabric softner.


Stain removers?

Our soap speaks for itself when it comes to effectiveness, but if you feel a need to use a stain remover on especially dirty clothes or stains, try using our detergent as pre-treater.  Apply it directly to your soiled clothing and you will be amazed at the results.  Also, adding a small amount of vinegar is a natural "soap booster" similar to oxy-clean.


Front Loaders?

YES, our laundry soap can be safely used in the new energy effecient front loaders like "HE" washers. Our homemade soap is a low sudsing soap similar to that which is needed for your front loaders. In fact a front loader is a better choice of washers as you will get even more soap for your dollar because the required amount for front loaders is 1/3 cup rather than 1/2 cup!

Soap Storage?

Store the soap in a cool place if possible simply to avoid it from clumping up. If it does clump, no problem! Simply give it a good stir or shake before your next use.

Will homemade laundry soap fade darker color clothing ?

We have noticed no fading or damaging to any clothing over months of use. We've laundered our babes clothes, work clothes, everyday clothes, and office attire in our detergents without any negative results. 


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